Not Just Thinking and Writing but Doing

We don’t just write a blog. We do some stuff, too!

What Does A Translation Consultant Do?

Sue and the team speak French together, but the team will break into Guéré among themselves as they discuss different issues. Meanwhile, Sue has French, English, Kouya and Greek texts on the screen in front of her as well as a number of guides to translating Ephesians.

We Need Your Support

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Night Night Basket

In the light of all of the suffering and conflict in the world, the death of an old, chronically ill Spaniel isn’t very important, but it leaves a hole in our lives nonetheless.

I’m a Runner

A five year trip from obese jogger to slightly overweight long-distance runner.

Kouyanet Reader: Phil Arthur

I read Eddie’s blog because it is a stimulus and a challenge to me. When I’m at my best, I like being made to think and to question assumptions. (I phrased it in that way because at my worst, I can be just as defensive and intellectually torpid as the next man.)

New Year’s Revolutions

If all goes to plan, I will finish 2015 thinner, stronger and faster than I started it. I’ll also be a year older – these two things may well be in conflict!

Translation In Madagascar

A brief insight into what Sue does and the people she works with.

The Cone of Shame

Oh dear, what can the matter be? Poor old dog got locked in the lavatory!

The Wood Between the Worlds

Between woods, between world, between jobs and feeling little lost; that’s me.