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There’s Some Good Stuff Here

Some links on politics, mental health, eschatology, Pauline studies and a great cartoon.

A Couple of Social Media Peeves

One of the things that I find fascinating about social media is the way in which people often act in a completely different way to how they would in real “offline” life. There are a couple of things in particular which are increasingly common and which I find rather frustrating. Spreading Facebook Hoaxes There have […]

Missionary Committees and Social Media

If you have a role in a Church supporting missionaries; then you must have a Facebook account! Most people have recognised that we have moved from an age of print communication to digital, on-line communication. In the missionary world, the old printed newsletters (our first ones were done on a manual typewriter) have been largely […]

Scripture Tools for Every Person

I don’t often post other peoples’ press releases, but this is important and I want to make sure it gets lots of exposure. Tyndale House Cambridge Launches Beta-version of Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP), a new free Bible study resource. 24 July 2013, CAMBRIDGE, UK Today the STEP development team of Tyndale House Cambridge […]

Blogging: What’s the Point?

Recently, a couple of bloggers whose work I enjoy have been having a little bit of a blogging crisis. Phil Ritchie wrote: As the discussion on Twitter developed some of us switched to discussing the merits of blogging as Christians. I mentioned that I was ambivalent about continuing to blog and had ‘sort of lost […]

Testing Testing…

I have just changed the way that email announcements of blog posts are sent out. This is purely to test that the new system is working as it should. If you normally receive an email about posts to Kouya.net and don’t get this one, please let me know. 🙂 Normal service will be resumed… This […]

Translation or Evolution

We often get asked why we don’t use Google translate or some other online tool to do Bible translation. Well, the simple answer is that they are just not good enough! Take this example… Our friend Jane recently posted a nice piece about the Kouya translation and our friend Didier on her blog. Jane, lives […]

Bible and Mission Links 4

Sue is currently in Madagascar doing some translation checking; this is a good excuse to start this week’s offering with a blog post by Wayne Leman at Better Bible’s Blog on that very subject. Wayne starts off with a fascinating story. Early in my work with the Cheyennes, one of the church elders told me […]

Good Stuff Other People Have Said

I could quite get into this “round-up of the week’s best posts” thing. It is certainly easier than coming up with something creative myself. Here are a few more blog posts that say things that I wish I had said, but which say them better than I would have done. To me, Three Cups of […]