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Translation or Evolution

We often get asked why we don’t use Google translate or some other online tool to do Bible translation. Well, the simple answer is that they are just not good enough! Take this example…

Our friend Jane recently posted a nice piece about the Kouya translation and our friend Didier on her blog. Jane, lives in Switzerland and writes for a francophone audience, so the piece is is French – no surprise there! However, what is surprising is the way in which the Bing online translation service rendered Jane’s nice prose!

Ma collègue Wycliffe et amie, Sue, qui était impliquée dans l’équipe de traduction kouya, m’a raconté l’histoire de Didier, un des prinicpaux traducteurs kouya.


“My colleague Wycliffe and friend, Sue, who was involved in the translation chimpanzee team, told me the story of Didier, one of the key translators chimpanzee.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why machine translation is not adequate for the Bible!

For a more detailed look at this question, try this post.

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Internet translation is good when it is supported by human aid after the translation is made. No machine can translate as a human being because there are some aspects such as emotional influence and everyday words which the machine translation is not able to interpret.

That’s fine for the languages where Internet translation is available — but there are thousands that are excluded.

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