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Changing Roles and Bible Translation…

Jeremy Myers has posted a fascinating piece explaining how his view of his own work has changed and how this influences his choice of Bible translation.

Bible translation. (This one I can hardly believe.) As a pastor who focused primarily on preaching and teaching believers, I wanted a Bible-translation that was as close to the Greek and Hebrew as possible. Now, I want to use a Bible that is as close as possible to the language of the people I am working among. When Wycliffe goes into a community to translate the Bible, they don’t try to make a translation that is hard to read but instead, while trying to maintain accuracy, try to get a translation that is as close as possible to the vernacular. So, while I used the NASB and the NKJV, I now think I’m going to switch to the NLT. Read More

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Hi! Thanks for the “blog nod.” I hope I’m not too far off base with what I described with Bible translation. I have read up on all the theories of how we got our English Bibles, and my sister does work for SIL, but I have never really studied how Bible translation is approached in other countries. Did I summarize it right?

I’m enjoying your blog!

I think you did a great job Jeremy. The link in approach between Bible translation around the world and missional thinking at home is something which fascinates me and it’s good to see your thoughts on it.

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