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Blogging: What’s the Point?

Recently, a couple of bloggers whose work I enjoy have been having a little bit of a blogging crisis. Phil Ritchie wrote:

As the discussion on Twitter developed some of us switched to discussing the merits of blogging as Christians. I mentioned that I was ambivalent about continuing to blog and had ‘sort of lost heart’. In part this is because of what I have mentioned earlier in this post. I recognise in myself the danger of firing off self righteous and intemperate posts which do neither myself and those I am writing about much good. I shudder to think about some of what I have written and then deleted before hitting the publish button.

As it happens I have only published one post on my blog since Christmas and to be honest I haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would.

While Doug Chaplin chipped in with a very personal post covering similar territory.

Meanwhile, a popular Christian blog has just shut up shop prompting a commentator to write:

A good decision. As I said to you recently, I think the halcyon days of blogging are long over and now many are just a vehicle for crackpots and the politically disenfranchised who can’t get their odious (and often dangerous) political and social views broadcast by any other medium. What’s more, I’ve noted that few of my friends have ever heard of blogs! I think only a tiny proportion of the internet using public actually read them – and if you notice, on many blogs, over time the people commenting actually change with fairly rapid regularity – and many of those are just as weird as authors of the blogs.

I sometimes think the nasty adage ‘Those who can do, those who can’t teach…’ can be applied to much in the blogging sphere: ‘Those who can, lead their lives in all its richness and with all its challenges – happey to live and let live; those who don’t and can’t, write blogs…’. I don’t think that would have been true a few years ago, but I think it is becoming true now…

Whoa – that’s me put in my place!

With this in mind, I must admit that I’ve been wondering about the future of Kouyanet. This blog is around eight years old, which in the scheme of things is pretty good going and we still manage to post most days.

However, Kouyanet has a fairly distinct niche and it is getting harder to find new and interesting things to say. While I try to avoid getting fixated on statistics (especially that my blog is more popular than yours – blog ranking stuff), I have noticed that we are generally getting fewer readers than we did a year or so ago. Is that significant?

I suspect that Kouyanet will keep on going, partly because I enjoy writing (though it can be a chore trying to think up a subject for a blog post), but also because I still don’t see many blogs occupying the same niche that we do. In the end, I really believe that the work we are involved in is one of the most important things happening in the Christian world today. It doesn’t get the same press as major Christian conferences or the latest initiative from some celebrity or other, but it matters and we have to keep talking about it!


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