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The Future for Bible Blogging

Although much of what we talk about on this blog revolves around Bible translation, we’ve never quite made it into the category of Bible Blogs. We were on the blogroll of Better Bibles Blog for a while, but we vanished from that without ceremony ages ago. I’ve never been able to work out how you get included on Jim West’s Biblioblogs, and, to be honest, I’m not sure I’d want to be.

The thing is, this blog really isn’t about intricate studies of the text of Scripture, it’s more about how we relate the message of Scripture to everyday life. Other blogs look in minute detail at Greek and Hebrew verbs and intricate problems of translation – we are more interested in translation as an expression of God’s mission and how it relates to questions of culture and the nature of the Gospel.

The problem is, this is a rather lonely furrow to plough; blogging is best as a social medium, but if you are out on a limb (as we are to some extent) you don’t get the links and comments that make blogging really worthwhile.

David Ker has raised the question about the best way to promote blogs which don’t fit into the narrow confines of the current Bible blog world. I don’t have any answers to David’s question, but I would be interested to know if anyone else has any thoughts.

Have a read of David’s post and either drop him or us a comment.

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Thanks for the plug, Eddie. I always enjoy reading your blog and, yes, it doesn’t always fit in a neat category. I’m all for the Long Tail and niching but there is also a weakness in this. We need to broaden the voices we listen to.

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