Eddie and Sue Arthur

Trinity: Unity in Diversity

It is important to remember that Trinity is who God is. It’s not some sort of strange add on that makes a simple God more complex and keeps theologians in business.

Some Work To Be Done

I am rather concerned that mission practitioners and missiologists are developing theories and strategies which are built on rather shaky theological foundations.

Guest Post: Culture and Theology

A 2009 survey by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada found that just 316 of 3,629 faculty members (8.7%) were non-Western. My own survey of Anglican training colleges in England in 2011 found the equivalent figure to be just 3.6% .

Whose God: Whose Theology?

“… until recent years, systematic theology has at its best tolerated interpretations of Christology from outside the mainstream academic quarters, that is, mostly Euro-American and predominantly male theologians. Toleration has meant paying lip service to the role of… Read More

St Patrick and the Trinity

There is nothing like a bad analogy to introduce you to an ancient heresy!

Books I Have Read: The King In His Beauty

Without doubt, Schreiner’s King in His Beauty, The: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments is a contender for the best book I have read this year. Essentially, it is a trip through the Bible from Genesis to… Read More

Hyphenated Theology

I believe in a global theological accountability. We are all shaped by our contexts, personal and communal concerns, anxieties, questions and capabilities. This shapes how we read the Bible, how we develop theologies, what tools of interpretation we… Read More

Books I Have Read: Inspiration and Incarnation

If truth be told, I wasn’t planning to read this book, but on balance, I’m glad I did. Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament by Peter Enns looks at three big questions related to the… Read More

Genesis and the Human Condition

Genesis tells the story of the creation from two angles, each one emphasising different aspects of the relationship between God, mankind and creation. The first story (Genesis 1:26) highlights something about the nature and purpose of human beings…. Read More

Credo on the Trinity

Thanks to Antony Billington for pointing me to the latest edition of Credo Magazine, which is devoted to articles about the Trinity. ‘One of the dangers every church faces is slipping, slowly and quietly and perhaps unknowingly, into… Read More

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