Do We Need The New Testament?

From time to time I post something about my perception that Evangelicals, even Bible translators¬†(or a talk here), don't pay sufficient attention to the Old Testament. However, it isn't often that I come across someone suggesting that we may not actually need the New Testament; but that is the excellent issue that John Goldingay raises … Continue reading Do We Need The New Testament?

Scripture Tools for Every Person

I don't often post other peoples' press releases, but this is important and I want to make sure it gets lots of exposure. Tyndale House Cambridge Launches Beta-version of Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP), a new free Bible study resource. 24 July 2013, CAMBRIDGE, UK Today the STEP development team of Tyndale House Cambridge … Continue reading Scripture Tools for Every Person

Bible and Mission Links 25

It's been a while since I did my last round up of interesting Bibley and missiony things that I've discovered on the web. Resources Tim pointed me to a new online journal, which will be of interest to those who are involved in Scripture Engagement. Orality Journal is the journal of the International Orality Network.¬† … Continue reading Bible and Mission Links 25

Get Lost in Jerusalem

Thanks to MGVH for the link to this excellent resource. Get lost in Jerusalem is a computer based guide to the history and Geography of Jerusalem and is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to understand more about the background to the Scriptures. You can buy it from Amazon (or at least read the description) … Continue reading Get Lost in Jerusalem