Jesus Who Was Born

Jesus wasn’t born in a nice unit in a modern hospital. He was born in a fairly primitive building, perhaps lit by smoky oil lamps. His mother was an unmarried teenage girl, in a town far away from her family and friends. I’ve no doubt that the women of the village gathered round to help the strange girl who found herself giving birth a long way from home. That's what happens in relational societies. When Jesus came into the world, he was a funny colour and if he didn’t start screaming immediately, a woman no-doubt smacked his bum to get his lungs working and some air flowing.

Where Was God?

Yesterday morning, I found myself facing something of a dilemma. I was due to preach at Christ Church Flackwell Heath (the church we attend, when we aren't speaking elsewhere), on Mission Through The Bible - part of a monthly series that will span the whole year. However, about an hour before heading out to church, … Continue reading Where Was God?