Throwback Thursday: How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions

I rejoice in the way in which the Jesus film is being received amongst the Kouya, in Madagascar and around the world. But I also hope that with time, someone will produce updated versions of the film which are more suited to international audiences.

Stories Within Stories

In 1988 we arrived in the village of Déma to start working with the Kouya people. We learned the Kouya language, helped to develop an alphabet and literacy materials and finally, in 2012, the Kouya New Testament was dedicated. Of course, during that time, we have been involved in other activities and our involvement with the … Continue reading Stories Within Stories

A very Kouya celebration!

Yesterday I arrived home from a visit to Ivory Coast to attend the dedication of the New Testament in Kouya. It took place in the village of Dema, which is where we first lived when we moved to the Kouya area almost 25 years ago. In a number of ways this wasn't a typical dedication. … Continue reading A very Kouya celebration!