We Should Apologise to the Women of Bethlehem!

Reading the Bible in its own cultural context is for life, not just for Christmas.

Things Home Mission Can Learn: Study

How well do we understand the culture that surrounds us?

Posts from the Past: The Homeless Gospel

You cannot impose a language or cultural standards (dress, music, use of time) on people saying that this is Christian language or culture. There is no such thing – the Christian faith simply does not work that way.

Bible Reading and Culture

The Word of God cannot be understood apart from the cultural and linguistic situation in which it was originally given.

The Future Belongs to …

I’d far rather live in Andrew Neil’s world than the one that Daesh want to bring about, but ultimately, they are both as mistaken as each other. The future does not belong to Daesh and it doesn’t belong to Paris.

Books I Have Read: A Wilderness of Mirrors

In summary; if you are looking for a well thought through presentation of the Christian message against the background of contemporary culture, you won’t do much better than this.

Kouyanet Reader: Archdruid Eileen

The people of our world are marvellously diverse. There hundreds of different languages. People, wherever they live, have their own cultures – distinguish between places a little way away in exactly the same way that people who aren’t from Warrington distinguish themselves from people from Warrington.

Heart Language Problems

We might have to revisit some of the way we talk about and publicise mission work and translation. Things are a little more complex than easy sound bites might suggest.

Tennent Chapter 6: A Trinitarian Theology of Culture

The Incarnation is, therefore, not only a revelation of God to humanity but also a revelation of humanity to humanity. In Jesus we are learning what it means to be fully human.

The Incarnation, Listening, Language Learning & Theology

Jesus spent thirty years growing up and living in the culture of His birth before He began to teach and proclaim the kingdom of God. Even though Jesus was the Son of God, there was no replacement for growing up in the culture and becoming a cultural insider.