Translation Isn’t Interpretation… Or Is It?

If you are translating the Bible then you are not interpreting it, right? Well, as with many issues in translation, things are not quite as black and white as many people think.

A Natural We!

Sometimes translating the simplest of words can be more complicated than it might, at first, seem.

Madagascar: What’s in a name?

Why Madagascar is two syllables short of what it should be.

Words Don’t Mean What People Think They Do!

In Official Malagasy the word hazo means ‘tree’ or ‘wood’, but in the Tandroy language, the only meaning of hazo is ‘coffin’!

May You Become Salt

How do you translate “you are the salt of the earth” in a language where “may you become salt” is a curse?

Consultant, Theologian, Trainer and Referee

Bible translation work can be fascinating but also frustrating. It’s easy to get irritated with one another especially if you are convinced that your translation of a verse is much better than your colleague’s and you can’t agree!

Jesus is Not My Dead Ancestor

You can’t just look in a commentary to find the solutions to some of the problems that Bible translators face: what Sue got up to in Madagascar.

Salted By Fire

Bible translators don’t just have to work out what tricky passages mean, they also have to find a way to express them clearly and accurate in another language. So what does ‘salted by fire’ mean and what is the best way to say it?

A song from Madagascar

This afternoon I heard that this song had been uploaded onto YouTube today. It was written by Edit, who helps with admin on the project I’m involved with in Madagascar. He is the guy in the hat, singing and playing guitar. The song is called ‘Jesosy raiky avao’ (‘Only Jesus’). I really like the song […]

The Queen’s English?

The Guardian has a fascinating article on the way English is spoken in Ghana. It seems that there is a debate going on in Ghana between those who believe that Ghanaians should speak ‘the Queen’s English’ trying to mimic so-called ‘received pronunciation’, because they think that sounding English is prestigious, and those who value being multilingual […]