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Blogpost of the Year: 2015

Over the last year people have looked at posts on Kouyanet about 69,000 times. Whether that is 69,000 people all looking at one thing or one person looking 69,000 times I can’t tell. I suspect it’s somewhere in the middle.

This isn’t bad for a niche blog written by someone who isn’t famous and is, in fact, the best year that we’ve ever had.

The most popular post in the last year is something I wrote, years ago, about which twin is the older. This must come top in lots of Google searches because numerous people visit that post each day.

The second most popular post of the year and the most popular one written in the past year (if you see what I mean) is one on the CofE Lord’s Prayer video-gate.

Personally, I enjoyed the series of posts by Kouyanet readers¬†(not just because I didn’t have to write them). It’s good to get feedback from people who read the stuff I write.

This year marks the ten year anniversary if Kouyanet and my favourite post from the year is one from September  which captures some of the joy and frustrations involved in writing this blog and everything that surrounds it: Why I Fight the Long Defeat.

For the best part of ten years, a large part of my job has been to promote world mission in churches across the UK and for much of that time I felt that I was banging my head against a brick wall. The temptation to stop is huge.

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