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Best Kouya Chronicle Blog Posts of the Year

I thought I’d allow myself a touch of narcissism and work out which was my favourite post from Kouya Chronicle. Actually, in looking back over the last year’s production, I was struck by how much of what I have posted is rather forgettable. That being said, there  is some good stuff amidst rubble.

My list of the Top Ten Missionary Books, which I compiled in February, was very satisfying. Almost a year later, I don’t think I’d change anything in it. I also quite enjoyed my post on Why God Created Tortoises (though few others seem to have enjoyed it). In terms of the mission of this blog, I think that the two most important posts of the last year are probably; Bible and Mission: The Story and The Gospel and The Bible. Both of these capture my growing conviction that we need to have a  theology of the Bible, mission and Bible translation which is based on the whole Bible, not just a few proof texts.

However, my favourite blog posts of the last year are:

Translation Progress in Nigeria – Sue telling the story of a translation workshop that she attended. I do most of the blogging in our family, and I have the higher profile job, but I am immensely proud of my wife who quietly gets on with her job of studying and working as a translation consultant.

Proud Dad Pictures – I think the photos of Dave and Sam are fantastic.

As the year draws to a close, it is nice to realise that of all the different things in my life, I’m most proud of my wife and sons.

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