What Next for Kouya Chronicle?

I’ve been considering making a few changes to Kouya Chronicle and I wondered what you, my reader, think about them.

  1. Should we change the look? Over time the layout has become rather cramped and I wonder whether I should change the theme and get rid of some of the side-bar content.
  2. What about the title? We have to keep the kouya.net address, but perhaps it is time to ditch the name “Kouya Chronicle”. This made sense when we worked with the Kouya people, but that is rapidly vanishing into history and perhaps we should come up with a new name. Do you have any thoughts?
  3. What about the Content? I tend to post a mixture of original content and links to stuff that I find elsewhere. To be honest, I’d rather do all original content, but I’m just not creative enough. This is pretty much a niche blog (though I’m not entirely sure what the niche is) and I don’t want to step too far outside of the sort of material that we cover. Would you like more musings on the nature of mission? More about Bible Translation? More family news and stuff?

If you have any constructive thoughts about what we could do with this blog, it would be good to hear them.

For those who came late to this party and don’t know much about our work with the Kouya, here are a few photos.

[nggallery id=5]

This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no longer be valid. Things change on the web and it is impossible for us to keep up to date with everything.

6 replies on “What Next for Kouya Chronicle?”

I lament the passing of the golden era of blogging. MSM has once again dominated the conversation. It’s also sad that Facebook and Twitter have stamped out individual design. But alas, life goes on.

Maybe drop Chronicle but certainly not kouya.

P.S. Your dratted captcha wiped out my comment so this is my second attempt.

I like the new look – less cluttered, bigger font. Don’t mind about the title, although Kouya Chronicle evokes fond memories (as do your photographs!). Personally, I’m always interested to hear news of the family.

Be encouraged!

I like the new layout, much cleaner than the old one. The sidebars were starting to get decidedly full!

My only suggestion would be to shorten the length of the previews on the homepage. Having to scroll the length of each post to previous ones seems less than ideal.

The new layout is nice(r) and I like the word “chronicle”.

But, the content is why I subscribe to the RSS, the mix of originality, news, comment and observation is well received.


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