Life is For Sharing

British TV viewers or YouTube addicts might recognise the title of this post as the tag line for T-Mobile in the UK, and also as the closing image in a recent TV advert. If you’ve not seen this one, take a minute to watch the video.

Just on a technical level I think this is amazing. It was filmed in January this year at Liverpool St Station in London using hidden cameras and about 400 dancers who mixed with commuters at 11am. They rehearsed for 80 hours to get this right because they had to know they would be able to get everything right in the first take. It can take a lot of practice to be this spontaneous!

Why is it I like this video so much? Why is everyone in the station concourse smiling – dancers and passers-by alike? T-Mobile have got it right; life is for sharing and joyful, communal experience like this is good for us – it is what we are created for. As Christians we have to be able to capture this aspect of life and to demonstrate it to the world outside. In fact, we have something even better than the flashmob, we don’t just have united people – we also have reconcilliation with our creator. Now – how do we get this across creatively and effectively?

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I reckon that’s how heaven will be but a. we’ll give ALL the praise to Jesus b. we’ll be completely united in song and dance but somehow it will be beautifully varied and c. we won’t be dancing to ‘do you love me?!’. Hallelujah!

Amazing vid.

What a great video! I imagine the day of Pentecost must have been a bit like this. Gets me thinking about how we can make Jesus known as groups of believers going out into public spaces. Perhaps others who are more creative than me have some ideas they could share.

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