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The Purpose of the Old Testament

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that there is a revival of interest in the Old Testament in some parts of the Evangelical World; which is something I very much approve of. However, I’m also a little uneasy about the way in the Old Testament is being approached. Let me explain.

I continually read on blog posts and websites that the Old Testament points to Jesus and that is why we should read it. As far as it goes, this is fine. The Old Testament does point to Jesus and when we read it, we should have this in mind. But, the Old Testament does more than this; the Old Testament tells a story which has a value and an importance in and of itself. Chris Wright captures this brilliantly:

For it (the Old Testament) is not just a book of prophecies about Christ. Rather, it tells the first part of the overarching biblical story that establishes the whole framework within which the identity and work of Jesus Christ makes sense and constitute good news for all the nations. The gospel is good news within an understanding of the world and humanity and the future of both that is rendered to us by the whole Bible story. Without the biblical worldview, constituted by the biblical story, our understanding and presentation of the Gospel will be deficient.

From Christian Mission in the Modern World

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