The Proper Place for Technology

In which I let someone else do the ranting…. mostly. What is the place of technology in mission?

Transl8ing Txts

There is a fascinating article on the BBC website about a new way of translating the menus on mobile phones and other devices into minority languages. A short text message is sent out to lots of people asking them to translate say, ‘address book’, they text their answers back to the central service who compare […]

Mobile Phones in Africa

In my pocket I’ve got a video recorder, a music player, a games machine, a camera and a calculater. Oh, and I can also use it to make phone calls. We are used to the idea that mobile phones are multi-function devices, but White African has just given a great talk on the way in […]

Loc8tor Lite

Today’s Sunday Times has a review of the Loc8tor Lite which my friend Steve developed. Our David works for Steve in his breaks from University, and I’ve followed the development of Loc8tor since it’s inception. It’s nice to see it getting public attention. Fed up with not being able to find your car keys, mobile […]