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Ruth Gledhill has just posted an interesting link to a speech by Canon Gregory Cameron, deputy general secretary at the Anglican Communion Office. While the Canon was specifically adressing Anglican issues, almost everything he said could apply right across the ecclesiastical spectrum. You could change the word Anglican to Christian in the first of these quotes and it would still be true:

…The average Anglican is a black woman under the age of 30, who earns two dollars a day, has a family of  at least three children, has lost two close relatives to AIDs, and who will walk four miles to Church for a three hour service on a Sunday.

…Not only are we in the West shrinking in numbers unlike the growing Churches of the South; for many critics, the Churches of the West are losing a sense of their identity as they get lulled into the liberalism and relativism which are presumed to be the hallmarks of the modern Western society.

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