Mission Strategy III: World Demographics

In what ways should the ‘shift of gravity’ of the Church impact the thinking of traditional mission agencies?

The shift in the “centre of gravity” of the Church from the West to the South and East is well documented.

  • The workforce for world missionĀ is increasingly being drawn from churches of the South and East, not from the traditional churches of the North and West.
  • The leadership of the mission movement is being increasingly drawn from the growing world Church. This emerging leadership does not always share the presuppositions and concerns of historic Western leadership.
  • Western assumptions that history, supposed “theological sophistication” and finance allow us to “call the shots” in world mission are being challenged and refuted.
  • Little thought has been given to the role of traditional mission agenciesĀ in a changing world. (By contrast, a lot of effort has been given to thinking through the role of the newer emerging movements.)

This is the third in a series of three posts; read numbers one and two.

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