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Mission Strategy II: UK Demographics

While these are not as key as the Biblical issues in the previous post, they do shape our strategy.

In the UK mission world, we are living in a rather paradoxical situation; the British Church is ageing and shrinking but, despite this, the number of denominations and mission agencies is increasing. Some implications of this are:

  • Our current resources are limited
  • We have to be wise and strategic in our use of the resources we do have.
  • This means considering the most effective use of our resources.
  • But we must also prayerfully seek to be sensitive to where God wants us to use our resources. Obedience to God, not effectiveness, is the most important value.
  • In the future, we are likely to face a significant decrease in our available resources.
    • We may need to manage a process of decline.
    • We need to actively pursue partnerships with like-minded organisations in the short to medium-term.

It would be easy to see this as a counsel of despair; however, I believe that this situation provides a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on our priorities and the best way forward for the future.

The final post in this series is now online.

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