Back to Church Sunday

Today is Back to Church Sunday in the UK. I think the idea of inviting people who used to come to church to return for a Sunday is a rather nice idea and I hope that lots of people were invited and responded positively.

I was surprised that the back to church thing made it onto the BBC radio news a good few times; perhaps that did some good. However, it was noticeable that while the church got a few mentions, no one actually mentioned God. Call me strange if you will, but it seems to me that the idea of getting back to Church is to deepen a relationship with the creator and with his people. It seems to me that for the media to mention the church is fine – but they are very, very shy of mentioning the one who calls the church together.

Another reflection is that if a church congregation really wants to meet people and to introduce them to God, then perhaps they should thing about a ‘Get Out of Church Sunday’. Perhaps the whole congregation could do some sort of service in the community to help people and meet them. It could be called Sunday Service, perhaps.

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