Political Bias

In most countries in the West, political opinion tends to be strongly divided between two or more politcal parties.  People who are in favour of one party will often heap huge amounts of opprobium on the heads of their opponants and refuse to believe that any good can come from them. Just look at the way supporters of John McCain and Barak Obama are talking about each other at the moment.

What we often fail to remember is that whatever party our politicians come from, the things they have in common are far more numerous than the things which seperate them. Let’s take the two main presidential candidates in the US: they differ on fiscal policy, their vision of government involvement in the life of the individual, some areas of personal morality etc…. But, they are both constitutinal democrats. One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that whoever loses the election will not call their supporters out on the street to riot until the result is overturned. The police will not be out on the streets beating and killing people to ensure that they will vote for the encumbant and whoever wins the election will leave the White House when their turn comes to go.

You may not like Obama or McCain (or Brown or Cameron) but most people living on the planet today would love to have governments like the ones we Westerners live under. Whatever our complaints about our leaders, we have the option to vote them out; a luxury which is still denied most people.

With that in mind, I did like this advert from John McCain. It is right, it is good and it shows a lot of class.

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