Storms Can Produce the Best Waves

After getting soaked by tropical storm Fay last week, it’s good to see Brian Russell drawing some good missional lessons from it – as well as getting in some good surfing.

As missional leaders, we have been called to engage the cultures of the world with the Gospel. Such engagement always carries an element of risk. We have to leave the safe confines of our communities of faith and venture into the world to meet outsiders on their terms. We have to move beyond programmed and sanitized “outreach” events and begin to incarnate the character and love of God consistently in the world. But it is through consistent, missional engagement that authentic relationship begin to be formed with women and men who do not follow Jesus. The danger of carrying the Gospel in the cafes and marketplaces of the world will be offset by the opportunity to meet and love people who are beyond the reach of most Christ followers.

I wonder if we too often miss the exhilaration of participating in God’s mission because we forget that storms can produce the best waves. (read more)

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