The Bible: Reading the Big Story and the Little Bits

It is vital to communicate and teach the grand story of the Scriptures. This is the beginning of a realignment with God. But we have to go deeper. As Christ followers it is vital that we understand the big picture: Creation – Fall – Israel – Jesus the Messiah – Church – New Creation. The next challenge is to begin working through individual passages and books to study them in depth. The true Biblicist is able to gravitate between an eagle’s eye view of the broad shape of the Scriptures and the ground level investigation of its smallest pieces. Both are essential. Without the big picture, we run the danger of atomizing the biblical text into isolated, unrelated fragments. Without the ground level view, we risk missing the discrete witness of individual texts and proclaiming an ideological or theological system instead of the full counsel of God’s Word.

The goal of the Bible is the conversion of its readers and hearers. The Scriptures call for a (re)alignment with God’s creational intentions in light of the life, death, and resurrection as the climactic moment of the biblical narrative. This (re)alignment is a conversion to our true humanity as a missional community that reflects God’s character in Creation, for Creation, and to Creation. (From Brian: Read the whole post.)

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I agree the grand story, sort of a “this age” thing (rather than Old & New) and then the age to come.Great thoughts, at the moment I am trying to stand further back to get the panoramic.

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