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Reading the Bible in Greek and Hebrew

Brian makes the case for reading Greek and Hebrew superbly in this post:

The Scriptures exist as the story in which we are to find ourselves as individuals and as community. In the missional reality of our day, there is no room for superficial engagement with the Bible. I fully understand that it is unrealistic for every one to learn Greek and Hebrew, but is it unrealistic for our teachers and preachers to gain some substantive facility in it?…

…The Western world does not suffer from the absence of information rather the challenge facing readers of the Bible is information overload. Moreover the recent proliferation of competing English translations has heightened the challenge for readers. What the world needs is not a dispenser of information-google and other search engines serve this role well. The world needs interpreters of this information. In terms of exegesis, the study of Greek and Hebrew is the baseline for assessing an interpretation of Scripture…

Read the whole post.

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