God’s Story Through Deaf Hands

The latest Wycliffe UK Magazine is out now. You can download it free here (pdf 1.5 MB)

I wrote the introduction to the magazine…

The God Story through deaf hands

Stories show our emotions, our commitments and our passions in a way that simple facts never can.

This is why God has given us the Bible in the way that he has. It isn’t a theological text book, or a list of rules and regulations, though it contains both theology and rules. It is first and foremost a story: a story of how God loves his creation and how through the cross he is reconciling mankind to himself.

It is our huge privilege in Wycliffe to retell the Bible story in other languages through translation and to see people grasp the reality of the message for themselves. God’s message of love, translated into languages and lives.

This edition of Words for Life is about telling the story.  We hope that it encourages you as you see how your prayers, gifts and support have all played a part in Bible translation projects around the world. We also hope that, as part of all this, you will have a greater vision of your place in God’s eternal story.

Eddie Arthur
Executive Director

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