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The Whole Story in Five Acts

I’ve recently put together a series of five studies which give an overview of the Biblical narrative and which are now available for download (pdf) on the Wyliffe Bible Translators website. The official blurb reads:

Wycliffe Bible Translators have prepared the Bible study resource “The Whole Story in Five Acts” for use by church small groups or as a suggestion for a sermon series. It tells the whole Story of the Bible in five parts, and includes stories from the world of Bible Translation to illustrate each section.

The Bible is a remarkable book. If you open a Bible at random you could come across poetry, proverbs, history, love-songs, architectural details or a national legal code. This amazing collection of literature was drawn together by numerous authors over a period of hundreds of years, yet amazingly – miraculously, even – it still tells one consistent story.

This story is not like any other story you are likely to come across. The Bible story claims to be the ultimate story which explains why the universe exists, why the world is the way it is and where the whole of creation is heading. It is a story that makes a claim on your life: which says that you were created for a purpose and which tells you what that purpose is.


  • Act 1: Creation – Genesis 1-3
  • Act 2: Israel – Genesis 12-Malachi 4
  • Act 3: Incarnation and Redemption – The Gospels
  • Act 4: The Church – Acts and 2000 years of history
  • Act 5: The Future – Revelation
  • The Whole Story in Five Acts (pdf 389kB) – Download now!

The series have been produced with Biblefresh in mind and I hope they will provide some inspiration to groups who are trying to get to grips with the whole narrative of Scripture. If you are in the High Wycombe area and interested in this topic, why not come along to the Wycliffe Centre on January 19? I’ll be giving the first of our Biblefresh lectures on the topic: The Bible is His Story – Overview of the Bible and its Message

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