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The Gospel for the Deaf

This article about our friend Geoffrey Hunt, who is involved in translating the Scriptures into Sign Langauges, is absolutely excellent.

Bible translation in sign language is about more than techniques and strategies. It’s about providing Scriptures to help the Deaf understand the special place that God holds for them in His heart. Hunt points to two specific Bible passages.

One is the account in Exodus, when God tells Moses at the burning bush: “Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute?” (Exodus 4:11 NIV).

“For the Deaf,” says Hunt, “it is so important for them to know that God made them, to realize that they weren’t just an accident.”

The second passage is Jesus’ healing of the Deaf man in the New Testament (Mark 7:31-35). Christ took the man aside by himself, a unique approach among all of Christ’s miracles performed on people.

“One—Jesus had time for the Deaf person. That’s very important,” explains Hunt. “Two—he took him away from the crowd. When Deaf people are among crowds, they are really confused. It is important that they can come away and be separate.

“These two stories give the Deaf a sense of value. They are valued people.”

And if God values the Deaf, He certainly wants to speak to them in their heart language. (Read the whole article).

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