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I’ve not really wanted to comment on the US election, mainly because I’m not from the US and don’t have a vote anyway, but also because everyone else seems to be commenting about it and there didn’t seem much to say. However, I just read a post by Steven at Think Christian which I thought deserved wider circulation. This could apply to any country, not just to the US.

First, the candidates are broken image-bearers of God, just like the rest of us. They will neither inaugurate the abundant shalom of God’s Kingdom (someone did that already) nor become the devil incarnate. They are sinful people whom God loves, and we pray they will be increasingly transformed by His Spirit and love God back. Let’s talk about their ideas and find some grace for them as people. To put a finer point on it, I’m talking about the candidate you don’t support…

In short, the church is way bigger than any single country, transcending all ethnic and political boarders.To bring this perspective to bear on the election, let’s remember that the church is not equal to nor even centered in America. The USA matters to God, but not more than any other state. America as a state has been blessed by God immensely, which means we have much responsibility to be a blessing to others. We love our country as a gift of God, but it is not God’s ordained favorite. The election is important because America wields power for good and ill. The world is watching because what we do affects them. This election is about people hopefully doing their best to to love God first and their neighbors as themselves, not about God’s chosen candidate. (Read More)

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Thanks for posting this article about the U.S. election. I just shared/emailed it to a couple of local pastor friends. One of those friends recently sent me a very good paper by John Piper on the subject. If you’d like to get a copy of that, let me know. I live in one of those republicanism-is-next-to-godliness areas of the state – a state which, in turn, helped our region to gain a reputation as the “Left Coast.”

We’ll be glad to have it over with tomorrow!

Hope all is well in Manila.


Hello Eddie and Sue,

I appreciate this post and I want to take it as an opportunity to beg your forgiveness for offending you with my political beliefs. I looked around for an email address but didn’t find it so if you would rather not have this conversation public I won’t mind if you read this but don’t approve it and make use of my email address for further discussion in private.

I have been reading your website for some time now through my google blog reader and I appreciate all that you are doing. I consider you as brothers and sisters in Christ. Therefore, I was a bit shocked when you so casually dismissed me on Twitter for rather humorously (I thought) encouraging people to make calls for the McCain campaign. I’m not sure if it is because I’m voting for McCain or because I was joking with a fellow Twitterer who encouraged people to make calls for Obama but either way, is that enough to just reject a relationship with a fellow brother in Christ? If I’m missing something please take a minute or two to let me know where I have wronged you and what I can do to make it right.

I think this election is extremely important and I have tried to think Christianly about all of the issues confronting the Christ follower when they cast their ballot. If I came down on a candidate or an issue that you find offensive, I apologize. The two candidates that we have before us are very polarizing but I wouldn’t have expected a Christian brother or sister to just simply break fellowship so quickly. I can disagree with you politically and still be part of the same Body. Now, after reading you for a while now, even though we haven’t communicated personally, I value the relationship I have with you (as limited as it is) and want to work to restore that relationship…not to keep followers on Twitter (that’s just a way to connect with people with similar interests) but because we are One in Christ. Please let me know how this situation can be rectified?

Just in case anyone wonders what is going on here, Nathan posted a suggestion on Twitter that people should spend their spare time canvassing for one of the candidates in the US election. I fired off a flippant reply and then unsubscribed from his twitter feed.

Nathan, I haven’t rejected you, I still subscribe to your blog and continue to enjoy it and I value that you read this one – thanks. However, I only have limited time I can give to internet interaction, and I have to be fairly restricted in what I can engage in. Over the last few weeks, I’ve received a lot of suggestions about the candidate I should be supporting in the US election – despite me not having a vote. Whenever possible, I’ve just removed myself from those email lists and feeds as I don’t want to use up time in triage of things that are of no interest. I understand that the US election is important, and I am trying to follow the issues. However, for me, as a Brit, electioneering messages for individual candidates are a form of spam, and I tend to avoid spam if I can. I’m sorry if the way I cut off the contact was offensive. I had no way of knowing that you were reacting to someone else. My message to you was intended to be humorous – but obviously failed and I do apologise for that.

Once all of the hoo ha about the elections in the US is over, I’ll probably start subscribing to a number of the sources that I’ve cancelled over the election period. I’m not sure I’ll subscribe to Twitter feeds again, because I find them too much of a distraction – but that is a separate issue.

Rest assured, I was not offended by your choice of candidate, i would have reacted in the same way whoever you had been encouraging me to vote for.

Finally, thank you for your comment and for seeking me out. You did not offend me, but if I have offended you, I ask your forgiveness.

Thanks for the clarification. I can understand your position. For a minute there I thought you were like other Christians I have met that value opinions more than relationships. I’m glad that’s not the case. Now that we’ve cleared that up I would not be offended if you wanted to delete these messages since they have no relevance to your blogs content. I just had no other way of contacting you. Thanks again for understanding.

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