Books I Have Almost Read: It

Someone loaned me this book. They told me that they had enjoyed it and that it had lots of interesting insights into leadership for churches and businesses. Well, I need good insights, so I started to read it. I tried, I honestly tried. But it drove me up the wall. The writing style is fragmented, … Continue reading Books I Have Almost Read: It

Bishop Alan on Leadership

True leadership is not about suppressing dissent, but helping free people frame smaller issues in their bigger context. Intractable issues are usually based on false antithesis; ask a silly question and you get a silly answer. Worrying away at intractables in their own terms is what gums up the works. Of course there are people … Continue reading Bishop Alan on Leadership

Richard Dannatt on Leadership

Ruth Gledhill has a superb post with the transcript of a talk on leadership by Sir Richard Dannat, the head of the British Army. It's truly excellent. I linked to a shorter version of his talk here. ... if we’re looking for a spiritual role model, which I suggest we are, then you know where … Continue reading Richard Dannatt on Leadership