Leadership Transition

Christian leaders need to learn to let go and allow the next generation to take over – lessons from Acts.

Leadership Isn’t What You Think It Is

Leadership comes with massive privileges, but it isn’t all about exciting times planning for the future. It involves hard grind, some extremely difficult situations and a bucketload of responsibility. 

Books I Have Almost Read: It

Someone loaned me this book. They told me that they had enjoyed it and that it had lots of interesting insights into leadership for churches and businesses. Well, I need good insights, so I started to read it. I tried, I honestly tried. But it drove me up the wall. The writing style is fragmented, […]

Leadership Lessons

Over the years, I’ve inflicted a fair bit of leadership training on people – but it was never as good as this! HT Hamo This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no longer be valid. Things change on the […]

Bishop Alan on Leadership

True leadership is not about suppressing dissent, but helping free people frame smaller issues in their bigger context. Intractable issues are usually based on false antithesis; ask a silly question and you get a silly answer. Worrying away at intractables in their own terms is what gums up the works. Of course there are people […]

Respect without Idolizing

Henry Neufeld gives us a rather nice pat on the back with this post and I’d like to return the compliment by saying that it’s one you should read – not just because he is nice to me! Just as we like certainty about the facts we use in living our daily lives, we also […]

Richard Dannatt on Leadership

Ruth Gledhill has a superb post with the transcript of a talk on leadership by Sir Richard Dannat, the head of the British Army. It’s truly excellent. I linked to a shorter version of his talk here. … if we’re looking for a spiritual role model, which I suggest we are, then you know where […]