These are various articles and pieces which we have written over the years, some for publication and others just for fun. Hopefully some of them may be of interest.

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To what extent is it true to say that the centre of gravity of world Christianity has moved to the non-western world? If such a shift has taken place what are the implications of this for the mission and development of the church in your context?

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The Bible and human history both tell the dramatic story of a God who speaks the people He created. This presentation, developed for a Christian conference in the UK, is a rapid tour of the whole of human history, starting with the book of Genesis and moving on to the present day. It examines what the Bible has to tell us about how God wants to communicate clearly and understandably with people of all nations and how his people have put this teaching into practice through the years. It ends by examining some of the particular challenges we face today in communicating God’s message both at home and around the world. Please feel free to download and use this presentation, though we would be very grateful if you refer people to and make a donation to Wycliffe Bible Translators

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A model for relating across cultures, gleaned from the work of Agatha Christie!

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The title says it all

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My favourite anthropology paper and one which I still think is pretty good.

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This is a diary I kept of our first few weeks in a Kouya village back in 1988. It’s a long time ago and it feels rather embarassing reading it now – but some people think it’s quite funny!