Memorable Restaurants

Paul has tagged me with a meme asking me to name my five most memorable restaurant experiences, so here goes:

  1. The first was at the Melting Pot in Sunderland in 1976. My brother Phil took our family out for dinner to celebrate my 18th birthday. Eating out wasn’t really a part of my childhood, so this was very special and was also my first taste of Indian food. A lifelong obsession was born.
  2. The second was at a beach restaurant in Ivory Coast sometime in the early nineties. We ordered chicken and chips and then waited, and waited. Finally, about an hour later, we saw the waiter cycle into the restaurant with a live chicken tied to his bike. He’d taken our order, then gone to the market to buy the meal.
  3. The little place in Gagnoa, Ivory Coast which had porcupine on the menu sticks in my mind for some reason. In case you are interested, it tasted very good.
  4. in 2,000 we spent a very pleasant Sunday at a tiny place on the beach just outside Abidjan with my then boss, Bob and his wife Ruth. It was one of those perfect days. The sun was warm, but not too warm, everyone played in the waves, the conversation was funny and heart warming by turns. By any standards it would have been memorable, but that evening, we took Bob and Ruth to Abidjan airport for their flight home to Nairobi and a few hours later, their plane crashed into the sea very close to where we had spent the day, and Bob and Ruth went home to their master. (read more)
  5. On a more cheerful note, Sue and I had a great lunch today with Journeyman and Tany. It was hard to get back to work with such a full tummy and staying awake in meetings was not at all easy, but good friends and good food – what more could you ask for.
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