Bo Diddley RIP

For any rock and roll fan of my age the news of Bo Diddley’s death at the age of 79 comes as a great sadness. He didn’t have much direct impact on the pop charts, but his influence on other musicians is huge as you can read in this BBC tribute. That strange square guitar, black hat and incessant beat won’t be seen live any more: but thanks to YouTube we can still see raw, simple blues-rock at its best. Bo Diddley, singing Bo Diddley!

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HMM. Why not? There are two answers I can think of to this…

1. RIP is a traditional, informal, sign of condolence which should not be taken any more literally than the greeting ‘hi’ should be taken to mean (as it did originally) ‘how are ye?’.
2. I would wish for anyone, Bo Diddley or not, that they be in a state where they are able to know peace in the future.

Perhaps I’m being an irritating pedant but:
1. I agree it’s traditional, but from a different tradition to yours and mine. Whilst it probably does convey a sign of condolence in my mind initially, I still decipher the acronym and remember that it comes from a tradition of praying for dead souls to be released from purgatory.
2. Can a dead person know peace in future if he does not already know peace when he dies?

Paul, you may be a pedant, but you are never irritating!

I think RIP is part of the larger British tradition of what I’m part, even if it isn’t part of my ecclesiastic tradition. So I’m happy to use it.

On the second point, yes, you are right – and I can only hope.

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