Ban Ki-moon on Endangered Languages

As 2008 is the International Year of Languages, this International Day is also an opportunity to recognize the silent crisis confronting many of the world’s languages, the overwhelming majority of which are indigenous peoples’ languages. The loss of these languages would not only weaken the world’s cultural diversity, but also our collective knowledge as a human race. I call on States, indigenous peoples, the UN system and all relevant actors to take immediate steps to protect and promote endangered languages, and to ensure the safe passage of this shared heritage to future generations. Read More

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Dear Eddie,

I translate the writings within the Bible by the method the writings instruct for doing so and have discovered some things that I thought would interest you.

Here’s a sample of the kind of translation I do:

(Genesis) Adam/man (Hebrew-synonyms) = ‘ruddy’, rosy, the flush of red blood

‘man became a ‘living soul’ ‘ (Genesis):
soul (Hebrew & Greek) = animal principle/breathing creature

– does not suggest a ‘human’ being but rather a ‘ruddy’ creature (as coming from the ‘red’ earth -dust/ground-primordial ooze)

It very much appears that Adam/man was not initially a ‘human’ being as many believe but rather a ‘ruddy creature of earth’, an animal (which must have been a chimpanzee because of recent human genome DNA mapping).

Religious tendencies are observed strictly in the ‘human’ species. If human beings are in part ‘soul (animal)’ then why aren’t such tendencies evident in other primates? Could it be because we have something the other animals don’t have?

animal = soul
human being = soul + spirit

soul = mortal
spirit = immortal

‘One’ primate, ruddy, gained something the other primates (and other animals) didn’t have and passed that on; (and the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.” Gen. 2:8)

I have 15 years of research to prove that this anomaly exists but it is so different from what people are used to hearing.

Thank you for your time,
Dawn Wessel.

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