Keep Africa Tidy

Three years after at least three people died and thousands had to seek hospital treatment as a result of toxic waste being dumped in Abidjan, I’m horrified to see that the UK is now shipping dangerous waste to Ghana and Nigeria.

Tonnes of toxic waste collected from British municipal dumps is being sent illegally to Africa in flagrant breach of this country’s obligation to ensure its rapidly growing mountain of defunct televisions, computers and gadgets are disposed of safely.

Hundreds of thousands of discarded items, which under British law must be dismantled or recycled by specialist contractors, are being packaged into cargo containers and shipped to countries such as Nigeria and Ghana, where they are stripped of their raw metals by young men and children working on poisoned waste dumps. (read more)

This one simple story tells so much about the unequal relationship between Africa and the West and it is quite simply wrong.

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Oh dear, oh dear! When will we take our global responsibilities seriously and realise that colonialism in all its forms is unacceptable in 21st century? Not that it was ever fair!

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