Life Matters

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a powerful demonstration of the fact that death was defeated on the Cross; but it is also an equally powerful demonstration that human life matters. There are all sorts of ways that God could have brought Christ back from the dead and clearly shown that death had died; but he chose to bring Christ back in a physical human body. Yes, the body was subtly changed (he seems to have been able to walk through walls, and people didn’t always recognise him), but it was still a human body bearing the scars of his human existence.

The resurrection brings the promise of eternal life, but it is an eternal life in continuity with our present lives. We won’t suddenly be transformed into disembodied spirits in eternity; rather we will have bodies which will have continuity with our current bodies and we will live on a renewed earth. It seems to me that part of the message of the resurrection is not that we will one day be whisked out of this current life into a new one, so that life on earth doesn’t really matter, it is only something we pass through on our way to heaven. No, the resurrection tells us that this current world and our life on it are prescious because they are precursers of new human life on a renewed planet.

These brief thoughts are my entry in the EA Maundy Thursday Synchro blog.

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