How To Define Success in Christian Ministry

Obedience is not a formula, nor is it a means to an end, usually assumed to be success. Perhaps it’s a more Western ideal, even an American lesson, to put numbers and goals to ministry and heap attention only on those who accomplish this—all others need not apply.

If I start defining success in ministry, then I start defining how God should and/or will work in a situation. I am taking away from His mystery, His sovereignty, and His will; in fact, I am wresting power away from Him when I draw that box or map of how this should play out.

From the Excellent Missionary Confidential blog. HT Justin.

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I’d agree that the things that most excite me in ministry are the things that we don’t have control over. I work in the hope that God will use what I do. I get a lot more excited by his acheivements than my own.
The things that we can measure in an organisation aren’t as exciting but they do have their place. When Jesus sent the 70 out he sent them with a plan. Following God does not mean don’t have a plan and a few markers to keep you on track but rather than rejoicing that our our staff are productive, our email boxes are well managed and our performance targets reached, we should be rejoicing that our names are written in heaven.

I agree that we do need to measure some things in organisations, but I’m not convinced that Jesus sent the 70 out with a plan.

I am really enjoying your blog Eddie – have stolen a bit of this post for my next post. Also your wisdom is much appreciated – ENJOY THE ASHES- BTW.

Thanks Mark – I certainly did enjoy the cricket. Still, I suspect that it just sets us up for failure next time. What is the URL of your blog?

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