The Missional Nature of God

Some thoughts….

1. Mission Belongs To God

Mission is first and foremost an activity of the triune God who calls us to join him in his work. This means that mission needs to be based on a relationship with God and an understanding of the character of God. All our activity must allow us space and time to meditate on these issues.  In addition, it is God who defines the results of mission. All of our agendas are just smaller parts of God’s work of reconciling all things in heaven and earth through the cross of Christ.
His primary structure for accomplishing his mission is the church and mission agencies must include the church in all they do.

2. God’s mission is much bigger than  any Agency’s agenda.

This means that there will at times be conflicting agendas as different partners focus on specific issues within the overarching mission of God. Many different activities are valid and we should not disparage other people when they focus on different things to us.

3. The Triune God is relational and mission must reflect the relational nature of God and the unity which he desires for his people.

This means that at times we will face a conflict between the desire to get things done and the need to invest time in building relationships and real partnerships. We must never use people instrumentally, they are brothers and sisters or partners in the work, they are never a simply a means to an end. At times we will need to seek to restore and repair relationships before we can move on to activity. Those with power and authority in the current structures must actively seek to transfer it to others so that we can be true partners.  All partners must be accountable; some will be accountable for the use of funds, but others will be responsible for their use of time, energy or influence.

4. Because mission is God’s work, our concern must always be for his glory, not the influence of our organisations, nor the accomplishment of our individual goals.

Our model for service is Christ who lived in a family and community, ministered to people and eventually gave himself in God’s service.

This is not exhaustive – but it might give some food for thought…

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2 replies on “The Missional Nature of God”

Good thoughts, indeed. Mission here is used in a special sense, neither the “missions” or “on a mission.” But I think I get what you’re talking about. In looking at the Biblical narrative there is quite a lot of “quest” that would be interesting to explore.

Mission here is used in a special sense.

I beg to differ, Mr Ker. I used mission in a perfectly normal sense given the context of a mission oriented blog. I don’t think I’m using the term any differently to Bosch in Transforming Mission or Chris Wright in The Mission of God – probably the two defining texts about our work.
Not being from the USA, I don’t use the term ‘missions’ at all – sorry.

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