International Development from A Kingdom Perpespective

James Butare has just published an interesting looking book, which you can find on Amazon in the US.The publisher’s blurb says:

The ongoing task of international development has dominated the headlines and the airwaves as of late, especially withthe establishment of the Millenium Development Goals, the growing numbers of celebrities involved in charity work, and an expanding global awareness of our humanity’s interdependence. Nowhere has the challenge of international development been more acutely felt than among Christian congregations and faith-based NGOs. While followers of Christ certainly face a daunting challenge in the fight against global issues of poverty and oppression, there has never before been a time when Christians have been as equipped to help and informed about the situation of our world as they are now. With this in mind, Christians everywhere can move forward in their task of development with hope in their hearts. The articles compiled here by James Butare-Kiyovu highlight the promise God holds out for those who would work towards shalom on this earth, and offer the same challenge that is quoted from the late Dr. Ralph D. Winter in the introduction to this anthology: ‘No generation has less excuse than ours if we do not do as He asks.’

It isn’t yet available in the UK, which is a little frustrating as I contributed a chapter to it. I’ll have to work out a way to get a copy from the US.

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