Missio Dei: The Mission of God

The Trinitarian focus of missio Dei, combined with the focus on the Kingdom of God rescues the church from simply becoming an agent for social and economic change on the one hand or fundamentalism on the other and provides a framework for mission in which the false dichotomy between social action and evangelism in mission can be eradicated. “The core of missio Dei is evangelism, the communication of the Gospel” but this does not mean that we can turn our backs on the world and its needs. The call to conversion is a call to be witnesses to Christ by demonstrating his love and concern for the world. An emphasis on missio Dei could be of great help to Evangelical churches in enabling them to overcome the sort of simplistic view of mission which is all too common.

From my chapter in “International Development from a Kingdom Perspective” edited by James Butare-Kiyovou. WCLI press 2010.

If you are interested, you can download the original essay on which the chapter was based here.

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