2159 AD

2159 AD: A History of Christianity by Craig Borlase is a fascinating little book. It is a church history which purports to be written in the year 2159 (hence the title) and which covers the next 150 years of history as well as the last 2,000.

It is witty, well written and fun to read (not something that you can accuse all church history books of being). If you have no background in European church history, you could do far worse than start here. But please note, I said European church history. There is a major weakness at the heart of this book and that is that it does not give anything like enough attention to the growth of the worldwide church through history. Admittedly, this is a fault that it shares with the majority of church history books, so perhaps I shouldn’t be too harsh on it at this point. However, where this book differs from other church histories is that it attempts to give some sort of prediction of what might happen in the future. But the fact that it doesn’t really recognize the state of the church today means that the predictive aspect is built on very shaky ground. The idea behind this book is a good one, but it ultimately fails in what it seeks to do because it is so western-centric.

That being said, it is accessible and might get people reading some church history which is a good thing.

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I think it probably boils down to the fact that the author has most likely never lived outside of his home country. As you and I know, that will forever change your perspective on the Church – and life in general.

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