Why English Doesn’t Always Work

A while ago, I posted a short video entitled Why not Just Teach Them All English?; talking about Bible translation. My answer (if you can’t afford the 1 min 40 seconds to watch the video) is that this is not what God would do. Today, the Guardian looks at the issue of teaching English in Schools around the world and comes up with similar answers to me, though for different reasons.

The idea that English language skills are the key to unlocking access to professional training, investment and business opportunities is short-sighted. The impact of English might be immediate as a quick fix, but there are negative consequences for the longer-term development of a country and its people. Over the long-term it means widening the divide between those able to benefit fully from the education system and the opportunities that follow and those who are not, storing up social problems and limiting the contribution of vast numbers of people to the larger development aims. (Full article).

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