Some Thoughts for Reformation Day

The Reformation allowed authentic, diverse versions of Christianity to develop across Europe. But this diversity came at a price.

In a short space of time, the face of Christianity in Europe was changed completely. The church was renewed theologically by the rediscovery of justification by faith and a new reliance on the Bible and all across Europe, new indigenous movements were cropping up as believers learned what it meant to be both Christian and German or Swedish, or Scottish… The Triune God is a God of diversity and through the Reformation, the Church in Europe recaptured its own diverse and varied nature.

Sadly though, this diversity came at a price. Luther depended on Frederick of Saxony for protection during his early career and as Protestantism grew; so did the political rivalry between Protestant and Catholic countries and regions. Zwingli, one of the early leaders of the Reformed Church was killed in a war when some of the Protestant cantons in Switzerland tried to impose Protestantism on their neighbours by force. The rivalry between Protestants and Catholics would lead to war and conflict across Europe for centuries to come.

Another section from a book which may, one day, see the light of day. 

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