A sight to gladden the heart…

What could be more encouraging to a Bible translator than to see someone in church reading through a well thumbed copy of their New Testament. This shot of a Kouya man from the village of Ketro Bassam is a wonderful encouragement and a tangible proof that the books are being read and used.

Reading the Kouya NT

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2 replies on “A sight to gladden the heart…”

As a Wycliffe MK, it’ s always interesting and heart-filling to see pictures like this one. Really interesting blog, enjoy reading it. Discovered it via the “worst worship song” discussion. Be blessed!

Beautiful! In Mozambique we’re planning “growing Bibles” which are basically everything translated so far with reprints as necessary with new info added in. Since most of the projects here are currently full Bible this at least hopefully shortens the amount of time before we too can see such a blessed sight.

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