What is Mission?

Hamo has been moonlighting on the Catalytic blog and has come up with a couple of superb posts. Try this for size…

I believe there is a gap between what we think mission and evangelism is and what they are in reality.

Often there is this notion of ‘attempting great things for God’, ‘leading many people to Christ’, or ‘taking the city for Jesus’. I’m sure you have heard these phrases if you have been around church for any length of time.

By comparison, I have rarely heard mission spoken of as loving your neighbour, of living with integrity, or simply falling in line with whatever God asks you to do.

Most of us dream of doing something great. Sorry, let me re-phrase… we dream of God doing something great thru us… Well that sounds more spiritual doesn’t it?…

But, what if mission was less exciting than it is sometimes portrayed? Read More

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