Africa is Bigger Than you Thought

I might have posted this before – in which case I don’t apologise because it’s an important reminder.

HT Lyvov

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4 replies on “Africa is Bigger Than you Thought”

Interesting. Trying to figure out if in that map Waxhaw is in Egypt or Sudan.
Niamey is about at El Paso, TX.

Now some might say I’m pushing the analogy too far :0

Loving this but took rather too long to understand why I didn’t recognise any countries in Europe! Oh dear.
Sure you will see it reused somewhere by me in the next few months…

Got a message today from a colleague asking me to check out a student who had African qualifications that are equivalent to GCSE. I had to get back to her and point out that Africa is not a country and that I’m going to need some more details.

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