A short thought about mission agency magazines and then a very good graphic from one of them.

Over the years, I’ve read lots of mission agency magazines. At different times in my life, I’ve looked at these publications in different ways, I started off reading them out of idle curiosity, then I started to take more of an interest in some of the agencies, wondering what God was calling me to. These days, I tend to read them from a more academic point of view, wondering what they reveal the agency’s approach and attitude to mission. Though it might seem disloyal to my own agency, I think that Billions produced by OMF (it was called Millions when I first read it, but that’s inflation for you) is consistently the best of the magazines. For the most part, agency magazines focus on telling stories about the work that the agency is doing to attract new supporters and to inform existing ones. Billions does its share of this, but it also spends more time talking about and reflecting on the underlying issues which impact mission today. It’s well worth having a read of Billions from time to time.

I particularly like this graphic which is taken from the latest edition.

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