Computers: Ugh

It’s been a bad week for computers chez Arthur. After months of humming and ha-ing and inspired by Dave’s return for the Easter break, I decided that it was time to upgrade the desktop that we use for printing and backups. We bought a new motherboard and processor for the desktop; the idea being that the guts of the desktop could then be used to upgrade Sam’s computer while the bits from Sam’s machine (a homebuilt job that struggles with Windows) would make a more than adequate Linux box for Dave while he was at home. All very straight forward in theory, but a nightmare in practice. What’s more, Sue’s laptop finally gave up the ghost while everything else was in bits around the house. At one point, of the five computers in the house only one was working – my laptop – and I’d taken that away with me to Horsleys Green.

Anyway, to spare you the details of numerous operating system installs and reinstalls, the upshot is that we now have five working computers. We had to buy Sue a new laptop, but the three desktops are now made from lots of different bits and all work far better than before. Sam now has Windoze XP on his machine which means we can upgrade the security on our wireless network, which will be a good thing. A few years back we had the only wifi set up anywhere near here, now on a good day I can find six networks.

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