Throwback: Bible Version Generator

Thinking of publishing a new translation of the Bible in English? Let me help you find a suitable name for your work with this simple tool.

This post is from 2008, though it has been recycled at least once since then.

Given the proliferation of translations and versions of the Bible in English, it is getting harder and harder to find new titles for them. So as a service, I am offering the Bible Version Generator which any publishers are free to use (as long as they put money in my secret Swiss bank account). Simply choose one word from each column and string them together to produce the title for a new English Bible.

AuthenticDynamicYouthGod Book

I reckon that there are about 400 possible new versions to be generated from this simple grid, that should keep things going for a while. If anyone has come up with this idea before, please don’t sue me for copyright.

The serious point about all of this is that while we expend so much energy talking about which version is best in English there are still 2,000 or so languages with no word of Scripture.